What’s Left Of You (2015)

Duration: 121 min

Genre: Romantic, Drama

Country: Turkey

Director: Abdullah Oğuz

Age restriction: Parental Guidance Suggested.

IMDB rating: - /10

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Ozgur... He had so much to learn in life but he chose to close his eyes and waste time. He was left alone in this world with the kind of money that can buy anything. And his grandfather left him a guide of survival, along with this ever-growing inheritance. Ozgur...Will he have the courage to listen to his heart, at the verge of life-changing decisions?

Elif... The orphan girl of a small town. She constantly works and saves money. She's a broken soul who suffered a lot despite her age. She's waiting for the first snow to fall, in hopes of living her first love. When her first love comes to her with all its beauty and its pain, will her tears be enough to soothe her burning heart?

Ozgur is the sole beneficiary of his grandfather's will. Because of the will and being raised without parents, he's become an irresponsible, spoiled boy who doesn't care about love or friendship. He thinks that money can open all the doors for him. But nothing goes as planned. The day after he turns 18, his whole life suddenly goes upside down with his grandfather's will. He can receive the will only if he complies with the listed terms. In order to receive the will, he leaves Istanbul and goes to Adatepe. He has to spend a year without any wealth and graduate from the public school in this village. If he doesn't, he would only receive a thousandth of the will and the rest would be granted as charity.
Ozgur sets on a long journey by bus, to one of the villages of Canakkale, in order to receive the will he thinks he deserves. At first, he wants to keep up with his old habits but Adatepe has big surprises set for him. And the biggest surprise is Elif, who enters his life at once. Elif would be good for Ozgur. He would change. She would soften him. She would climb over his walls. But Elif also has a secret. Would this secret be a threat to their love? Elif and Ozgur's days together would be Ozgur's year of reaching to his past, his love and his childhood, not to the will.

In this film, love is thinking about the pain in your lover's arm you lay your head on but being happy that you're together...
Shutting yourself in the bathroom so that your lover does not know about your heart's pain. Suffering in pain. On the other hand, the need to share her pain. It's to say: "Idiot! If it hurts, yell, cry! Don't try to hide it. I'm dying inside before you!"

Knowing the value of every minute spent with her. Showing her that you care...

Jumping right into the fire, knowing that you'll get burned...
Facing your past, changing yourself...

Reuniting again with your childhood love, your first love, against all odds...
And, falling more and more in love with her every single moment, knowing that you'll lose her...


What’s Left Of You


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