Mahmud and Meryem (2013)

Duration: 125 min

Genre: Romantic, Drama

Country: Turkey, Azerbaijan

Director: Mehmet A. Oztekin

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 9.25 /10 (Voted: 8 users)

Your vote: 9.25/10

The date is, June 1514. It is Gence, the town which belongs to the Karabağ Sultanate. For twenty three years Ziyat Khan was the emperor of this Sultanate. When he understands he is getting older, he starts thinking of the empire’s future .His son Mahmut is definetely opposite to his father’s character. Ziyat Khan thinks that it is impossible for him to head up the empire. Against Ziyat Khan’s barbarian policy, Mahmut believes humanity, freedom and peace. Kamerbanu is Ziyat Khan’s wife who doesn’t concern about the throne or crown. Her main intention is her son Mahmut. All she wants is to see his son married and become the emperor of the Sultanate. Mahmut is a young man who declines his father’s world view. Even, his father’s big substance, power and domination he put aside the throne. He, falls in love to a Christian girl called Meryem. Mahmut’s this attitude concerns Ziyat Khan. It is impossible for him to see his only son as an emperor. In other hand, Meryem’s father, tries to keep her daughter away from Mahmut because of the different religions. During the whole story Mahmut, follow his love. At the time of this travel we see Mahmut’s experiences about life, humanity, goodness and justness. Mahmut and Meryem’s impossible love starts in Gence and gets through the agitation which destroys the society, ends in Erzurum. Intimately, he observes vicious people, fairless and misery of the public. When he witnesses against the Çaldıran War’s destructive effects he comes face to face to the reality. In this, legendary story, love and social wild disorder fair.


Mahmud and Meryem

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