La clinique de l'amour! (2012)

Duration: 83 min

Genre: Comedy

Country: France, Luxembourg, Belgium

Director: Artus de Penguern, Gabor Rassov

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

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Two brothers - John, honest and romantic, and Michael, inconsistent idler-rake, works as surgeons at the clinic of their father, David Marshall, specializing in plastic surgery. While John, madly in love with Priscilla, the prettiest nurse of clinic, shyly courting her, tactless Michael, ignoring the suffering of his brother, promptly proposes to her, and leads her to the altar. To numb the pain of loss, John goes into exile in Canada, far away from anything that would remind him of Priscilla. New figure appears in the clinic - an ambitious, cunning and unprincipled Samantha Beach, which wants to seize the clinic. Michael becomes a pawn in her game. Unable to resist the charms of Samantha, Michael instantly forgets about his wife, and the clinic, deprived of the most talented surgeon in a very short time, comes on the verge of financial and legal ruin. John had to return from his self-imposed exile to try to save the business of his father's life.  Priscilla, Helena, Katie, Tom, Mark and Miss Phillips help him. Will they win the battle with creditors, offended mobsters and Samantha Beach?


La clinique de l'amour!


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