Farewell Katya (2012)

Duration: 113 min

Genre: Drama

Country: Russia, Turkey

Director: Ahmet Sonmez

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 8.75 /10 (Voted: 4 users)

Your vote: 8.75/10

Katya, a Russian girl who grows up in an orphanage, learns that her father is a sea captain from the Turkish port of Trabzon and travels there to find him Captain Yunus is a respected member of society and the father of a conservative family. He has no idea that his affair with Nadya many years earlier resulted in a child. Yunus rejects Katya.

Alone in a strange land where she doesn’t speak the language, Katya faces all kinds of dangers as she struggles at every opportunity to persuade Captain Yunus that she is his daughter.

Neighbors begin to gossip about Yunus when he’s seen in the street with “some Russian girl”. It is assumed that he has a “Natasha”, the local jargon for a Russian prostitute. His wife and daughters are distraught when the gossip reaches their ears. They even go so far as to give Katya a public beating. There, in the middle of the street, using the few words of Turkish she knows, Katya cries out, “He’s my father!” That’s how Yunus’ family learns the truth.

Yunus defends himself by claiming that Katya is a liar who’s just after money. Yunus' son, Veli, is the only member of the family who reaches out and helps Katya. When Veli accepts that his father will never be convinced to face up to his past, he arranges for Katya to file a paternity suit.

As the suit is nearing its conclusion Katya brings Yunus the letter her mother wrote shortly before she died. On the day the DNA report is to be announced, Yunus reads the letter from Nadya, a woman he’s never been able to forget...


Farewell Katya


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