Somewhere in Between (2012)

Duration: 124 min

Genre: Drama

Country: Turkey, Germany, France

Director: Yeshim Ustaoghlu

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

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Araf – ‘Somewhere in Between’, relays the tale of two youngsters, Zehra and Olgun, who are stuck in kind of limbo in their lives. This life passes by in a service station where everything seems transient and vacuous, the only thing that keeps them going in their banal monotonous 24 hr work shifts is their naive youthful expectation of excitement and change on the horizon.  When they are off  they escape by watching the trashy daytime TV shows which tantalizingly promise an easy quick passage to a glamourous life.

Thus the gap between their dreams and reality grows into a deep limbo, a psychological canyon into whose depths both characters fall headlong with the arrival of Mahur with his lorry on a cold winter day.  The love triangle and tragedy which ensues shatters the illusions on which they have built their perceptions of life. This bittersweet coming of age lesson  leads them to evolve, to discover real life, to differentiate between heady passion and true love through sufferring and though sufferring to retain a grasp on hope. Yet release from the vicious circle of their limbo comes at the irrevocable cost of their childhood innocence…


Somewhere in Between

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