What Remains (2012)

Duration: 101 min

Genre: Drama

Country: Turkey

Director: Chighdem Vitrinel

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 0 /10 (Voted: 0 users)

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While both separately living under brutal and demanding conditions of city life, Sevda and Zuhal's paths intersects when Sevda's husband Cezmi starts having an affair with one of his colleagues in hospital, Zuhal. This betrayal is life threatening for Sevda, who considers her marriage and the perfect order of daily life she created as a huge success. .she feels obliged to protect her home, her daughter and her future. Without even considering facing with her husband, she goes after Zuhal. Divorced with one little boy, and long hours worker to survive, Zuhal is like a living proof for Sevda's fears. Carrying along her mothers advices, guidance and life experiences with herself, Sevda follows her victim, gathers information about her and eventually kills her.


What Remains


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