Verliefd op Ibiza (2013)

Duration: 111 min

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Country: Netherlands

Director: Johan Nijenhuis

Age restriction: Children Under 17 Require Accompanying Parent or Adult Guardian

IMDB rating: - /10

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Ibiza! The ultimate party island. The white beaches, the finest clubs, the most famous DJ's and beautiful people.

Kevin (Jan Kooijman) is a young footballer who recently made a multimillion deal by transferring to FC Barcelona. He hardly realizes what is happening to him. Too young, too rich, too beautiful. His girlfriend Elza (Kim Feenstra) knows how Kevin should spend his millions. She is eagerly anticipating her birthday where Kevin will ask her the most important question of all. Kevin's grandmother Karla (Willeke van Ammelrooy) observes it all from the sidelines with concern. Fortunately there is the down-to-earth event planner Lizzy (Sanne Vogel) who shows Kevin the meaning of true love.

The recently divorced Jacky (Lone van Roosendaal) and her neighbor Irma (Simone Kleinsma) - both in their forties- arrive on the island. Jacky is up for it: lifted and botoxed she tells Irma that she cannot wait to score a hot young guy. She's alive! Irma is of a different opinion. She is looking forward to a quiet holiday on the beach with (the books of) Dr. Zhivago. Until someone more real gets her heart racing...

Former rock star Lex (Rick Engelkes) invites his three daughters to Ibiza to celebrate his 55th birthday. Lex has never been a very present father to the three half-sisters Zara (Gigi Ravelli), Lizzy (Sanne Vogel) and Bibi (Marly van der Velden). When Zaras husband Pim (David Lucieer) is seduced by Bibi, Lex finally gets a chance to fulfill his fatherly role.

The brothers Dylan (Jasper Gottlieb) and Boyd (Marius Gottlieb) dream of becoming a world class DJ-duo. They came to the island to give their music to the famous DJ Armin van Buuren. But how do you get to one of the biggest DJs of the world? Their best friend Lars (Jim Bakkum) tries to help them reach their goal. In the end Dylan and Boyd seem to be aided more by a good dose of good luck and an unexpected twist of faith.

All lines converge in the hip club where Armin van Buuren performs as a DJ. Will Jacky find love with a young lover, or with her teenage sweetheart? Will Kevin choose for a life with the beautiful gold-digger Elza? And will Zara's marriage survive the escapades of husband Pim?

Loving Ibiza is a film filled with sunshine, humor, adventure and human insights.


Verliefd op Ibiza


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