Confession (2002)

Duration: 100 min

Genre: Drama

Country: Turkey

Director: Zeki Demirkubuz

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 0 /10 (Voted: 0 users)

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Harun, a rich and successful engineer, finds out that his wife, Nilgun, is having an affair. At first, he is reluctant to confront her and hides what he knows. Time passes with a painfully slow pace; the uncertainty is unbearable. Finally, he decides to make Nilgun confess. The night turns out to be long. As the couple, who have been married for seven years, proceed into the darkness of human-ness, it becomes impossible for them to recognize each other. Pleading mixes with violence; tears with screams.




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