Mariam (2013)

Duration: 100 min

Genre: Romantic, Drama

Country: Turkey

Director: Atalay Tashdiken

Age restriction:

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 10 /10 (Voted: 1 users)

Your vote: 10/10

Meryem, a small-town girl of 17-18, turns heads in the town with her unaffected beauty. Not long ago, a family from the same town sought her out to marry their son, who lives and works in Istanbul. In the space of ten days, the two became engaged and married.

Mustafa, Meryem’s new husband, arrived just a few days before the wedding. And six days into their marriage, he went back to Istanbul, promising to set up home and have Meryem join him.

Moving in with her parents-in-law, Meryem longs for Mustafa, but at the same time holds on to her hopes of a new life with him. First and foremost, she devotes herself to the work of the household. This, she thinks, is her duty as the new bride and the real reason for her presence in the house. Her father-in-law, Süleyman, was a childhood friend of the father she lost years ago. And it was out of loyalty to his friend that Süleyman chose her as a bride for his son.

As she waits for news from Istanbul, Meryem sometimes sinks into despair. But whenever she unburdens to her mother, she is always told to be patient, for this is the traditional way of things: once married, there is no going back. All the while, Meryem is implicitly blamed for her own predicament because she hasn't fallen pregnant.

Meantime, a figure from the past unexpectedly resurfaces. Murat fell in love with Meryem before going to do army service; he is now back in town after being discharged. But the Murat who returns is not the Murat who left. After struggling with his experiences in the army, he has spent a long time in psychological care. And in his present condition, he poses a serious threat to Meryem. Although Meryem can’t tell anyone, the town is small and nothing is secret for long.

When Süleyman, her father-in-law, finds out, he racks his brains for a solution. He decides in the end to sell his cows, the family’s only source of income, and wires the proceeds to his son, Mustafa, to rent a home for himself and Meryem.

The problem is solved and Meryem redeemed. Preparations begin for her journey. Sacks are filled with provisions: bulgur, dried soup mix, home-made pasta, whatever there is to hand… The day finally comes and Meryem sets off on her way. But she isn't headed for the life everyone is expecting…




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