How to catch a feather of the Firebird (2013)

Duration: 80 min

Genre: Animation

Country: Russia

Director: Vyacheslav Plotnikov, Georgy Gitis

Age restriction: General Audiences. All Ages Admitted

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 0 /10 (Voted: 0 users)

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Pursuant to the will of the king Berendey , his youngest son , Ivan goes in search of a remarkable Firebird . In search of fortune Ivan Tsarevich accompanies faithful friend and helper - Grey Wolf, which has all sorts of skills and always rushes to the aid of the simple- to Ivan . The heroes are waiting for exciting and dangerous adventure , the machinations of treacherous brothers Ivan and his fateful meeting with Helen of Troy . Young spectators will plunge into the magical world of Russian fairy tales, with its traditions and distinctive aesthetics , intricately interlaced with the modern trappings of genre cinema . Oh , and parents will appreciate the humor -to-date and fashionable contemporary music written specifically for the film popular rock musicians .


How to catch a feather of the Firebird


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