A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

Duration: 97 min

Genre: Thriller, Action

Country: United States

Director: John Moore

Age restriction: No One 17 and Under Admitted.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 6.17 /10 (Voted: 6 users)

Your vote: 6.17/10

McClain arrives in Moscow to rescue from prison, his son, who, obviously, is no less "hard nut" than his legendary father. Together, they manage to stir up a hornets' nest of local organized crime, but even a cool head and an incredible will to win cannot help McClain, confronted with the harsh Russian reality, out of the web of the Russian bureaucracy and tyranny. Global catastrophe is brewing, and in order to prevent it, the father and son are forced to discard all the controversy over the methods of struggle and work together. Desperate and daring daredevil Irina loves to drive a motorcycle and playing chess games. Dramatic and insidious brunette knows too much, and it means that it is able to do the unpredictable "horse course", which resulted in the development of the already complex plot can go on the most unexpected way.


A Good Day to Die Hard

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