A Happy End for the Boss (2014)

Duration: 105 min

Genre: Comedy

Country: Turkey

Director: Kivanch Baruonu

Age restriction: Parental Guidance Suggested.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 8.13 /10 (Voted: 8 users)

Your vote: 8.13/10

Sinan (Tolga Chevik) is being sent to Cappadocia in order to write a romantic comedy. Haunted by writer’s block, a demanding boss and a tight deadline, he tries to seek inspiration from the beautiful daughter of the hotel owner, Eylül (Ezgi Mola). The first night they meet, Sinan hears that Eylül is engaged to the famous actor Faruk. Once a good friend, Faruk had become Sinan’s arch nemesis after stealing away his ex-girlfriend. Sinan doesn’t understand how the kind Eylül could be with such a narcissistic guy like Faruk...


A Happy End for the Boss


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