Dance With Jackals 3 (2014)

Duration: 104 min

Genre: Comedy

Country: Turkey

Director: Murat Sheker

Age restriction: Parents Strongly Cautioned.

IMDB rating: - /10

KinoTap rating: 8.33 /10 (Voted: 3 users)

Your vote: 8.33/10

Brother Gokhan, Accountant Servet, Meatball Necmi and Del Piero Hikmet are released from prison on probation and they join group therapy in order to be reintegrated to society.

After the treatment, they all try to adapt to their daily lives. Del Piero Hikmet, taking the ferry without knowing that his life is about to change, meets Mihriban: A mute woman that he could not possibly forget for the rest of his life. The couple gets on well more and more each day and fall for each other as they go. Hikmet, having held a woman's hand for the very first time, decides to marry Mihriban. But if you're being a jackal with good faith, is it being a jackal at all?


Dance With Jackals 3

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