Two Hearts As One (2014)

Duration: 126 min

Genre: Historic, Drama

Country: Turkey

Director: Hasan Kirach

Age restriction: Parental Guidance Suggested.

IMDB rating: - /10

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A road that goes from Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in the1940s to the 1990s...
This movie is about two different love stories that continued despite the years and the long distances.
Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic in the 1940s... The Eastern Front of the World War II is intense. The heat between the Nazis and the Red Army is about to put a pure love in the firing line. Newlywed North Caucasian Turks, Niyaz and Cennet are forced to fall apart because of the war. The Nazi invasion quickly advances through the villages. In those harsh days, Cennet hides an innocent Russian girl at the cost of her life. Her explanation is simple and clear: The girl sought refuge in them... But the Nazi general will not be easy on her punishment. Cennet, along with the villagers, is sent to the concentration camps in Germany for forced labor. Concentration camps are places where there is pain and death, along with escape.
Cennet tries to hold on to life with her baby, who she gave birth to in a wagon. Hunger, misery, and the worst of all: Leaving behind her husband, not knowing whether he is dead or alive. She can neither go back home nor hear from Niyaz again. But she waits for him with love and patience. Cennet waits for Niyaz to come one day with loyalty, patience and hope, despite going through the sufferings of exile. Fate hides the spring under the snow, under winter. And in the 90s, spring shows its face through thick and thin.
And one day;
A couple called Yunus and Dilek arrive in Kazakhstan with their bags in their hands and their two kids.
Tough years, circumstances are challenging...
As fate goes, one cannot know what challenges it holds.
"Two Hearts As One" is the story of that very secret...


Two Hearts As One

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