'Wanted 2' Still Kicking Around But Without Angelina Jolie Returning

Despite the fact that Universal hired the original writers behind the comic book adaptation Wanted to pen the sequel Wanted 2 last September, there's been no active development on the project for over a year. At the time of the writer's hiring, it sounded like Angelina Jolie might return for the sequel, even if that didn't make sense considering the events of the first film. However, Hollywood.com has an update that ties that loose end up for us. Jolie will not be reprising her role in the sequel, and instead a new female character will be brought in for James McAvoy's character Wesley to train, four years after the the first film. More below!

Derek Haas (who, along with Michael Brandt, is still working on the sequel's script) explained:

"For various reasons, we didn't connect with what Universal wanted to do creatively. A little bit of what Timur [Bekmambetov, director] wanted to do. So we just sort of bowed out gracefully. [But then] we got that call that you always love as a screenwriter. 'Can you guys please come back?' We loved the world. That experience was great. We said, 'Well here's what we want to do with the sequel.' And they said, 'Okay.'
"It's 'Where is Wesley four years after the events of the first movie?' The only thing I can tell you is that Wesley is now, four years later, recruiting a young woman who is in his situation in the first movie. She's got a shitty life. He's sort of in the Fox role. This new girl is brought into the world."
As for the rumor that Jolie was going to come back at one point, Haas says, "Angelina Jolie gets shot in the head and everyone's like, 'Oh, are you going to bring back Fox?' I said, 'Did you see the bullet go into her head?' And they say, 'Oh, she can take one of those milk baths!' We never wanted to do that movie." So I guess that's good to hear. But at this point, I'm not sure anyone is really all that interested in a Wanted sequel. Plus, it likely won't happen anytime soon. McAvoy is busy with X-Men: Days of Future Past, so it would be a good two or three years before it could potentially hit theaters and that's being optimistic.