Nihal Yalchin


29 march, 1981



Movies in Kinotap:



In 2005 she appeared in Hacivat Karagöz Neden Öldürüldü? movie with her role as "Zeyno Bacı" and in 2009 in Ay Lav Yu movie with her role as "Rukiye". She briefly joined Avrupa Yakası TV series as her role "Meryem".
She prepared a segment called "Life Sux" in Okan Bayülgen's Disko Kralı. She had appeared in several characters for Disko Kralı including "Nahide Ekengil": an electronic-pop singer, "Ayla Tanyürek", "Fahriye Soykır": Turkish actress and Şahane Çancı: animal rights activist.
In 2012 she appeared in one of the prominent roles in Yalan Dünya as her Açılay character.

Musical career 

She occasionally performs in her fictional characters such that she performed "Sahibinin Sesi", "Alamazsın Sen Beni" and "Pilates" as Nahide Ekengil. All three songs were written by herself. In 2011 she appeared in Little Caesars commercial where she performed "Küçük Sezar" song as "Ne'li". Later this song is released as a promotional single. In 2012, she performed "Bir Mumdur" and "Dertler Benim Olsun" covers and "Ne Kadar Güzelsin" song in Kurtuluş Son Durak soundtrack. "Bir Mumdur" and "Dertler Benim Olsun" are well-known songs in Turkey, while "Ne Kadar Güzelsin" is written by herself.

Personal life 

She is of Alevi descent and have 3 sisters and a brother.[1] She graduated from Istanbul University State Conservatory with acting major. Then she made advanced acting masters in Bahçeşehir University.

Position Actor