Siobhan Hewlett


15 april, 1983



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Siobhan is the daughter of the late comedy acting TV star Donald Hewlett and actress Therese McMurray. raised in Ireland and Whitstable in Kent a seaside town. her Grandmother was the last captain of the bluebell girl's a high kicking can can troupe from Paris in the 20's and 30's. working with Jaques Tati, Josephine Baker and Mistanguette. Her grandfather was a renowned vaudeville knockabout comic, introduced by their agent the late Lord Lew Grade who asked them to perform at the Nuremberg war trials to entertain the judges and diplomats. Her great grandparents were variety artists. She was educated at boarding school in England on art scholarships. Siobhan was the main carer for her parents from a young age, her mother was in a wheelchair. Was spotted by a top talent agent in a school production but chose to attend Drama school to focus on her theatre work. Turned down a place at Cambridge university after gaining a full scholarship to prestigious Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London where she studied for 2 years. Siobhan left early to play the lead in a French movie. She persuaded the director she could play the character at the ages 16, 18,24 and 40 and learn french for the french speaking role. Siobhan lives in London splitting her time between her stage and film work.

Position Actor