Dustin Clare


2 january, 1982



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A rising Australian actor, Dustin Clare is originally a native of New South Wales, Australia. Dustin's road to acting began during his student years at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts. He graduated with a degree in Dramatic Arts in 2004. His first steps into acting began in 2003 with a film short, before graduating to more lucrative work in television, appearing in such series as Headland, Iron Bird, McLeod's Daughters and Satisfaction. He is perhaps better known for his leading role in the television series epic, Spartacus: Gods of the Arena. In this, Clare portrays the gladiator Gannicus whose story precedes the exploits of Spartacus in the first series. The show aired in 2011, maintaining the same elements of the Spartacus: Sand and Blood Series. During his still-growing acting career, Dustin Clare has also won a Logie Award, a prestigious Australian award honoring work in television.

Position Actor