Willeke van Ammelrooy


5 april, 1944



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Willeke van Ammelrooy met Christopher Lee when both were jury members at a film festival in Chicago. She introduced him to her husband, opera singer Marco Bakker and the two hit it off, since Lee is a renowned opera lover. Because of the similar look of the two men (tall, gray haired), Willeke thought it would be funny if Lee played Bakker's father in a picture. Vlemish writer/director 'Frank van Laecke' was approached to write a script called 'Blooper', and Van Ammelrooy did a re-write around 1988. It concerned an opera singer called Billy Blooper (to be played by Bakker) who learns his father (Lee) is a vampire who's teeth had gone rotten after eating too many sweets. Now whenever he bites anyone, instead of turning into a vampire, they became half human, half chicken. Lee tentatively agreed to appear, and Van Ammelrooy wanted to co-star and direct. Unfortunately for her, the project never got of the ground despite interest from producers Alain Keytsman and Wim Verstappen. The script remains unfilmed.

Position Actor