Jim Bakkum


10 august, 1987



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Jim Bakkum, born on the 10th August 1987, always had a thing for music. He, his brother (who now plays in his band) and two kids from around the block had their own band called 'The Kids'. With parents who were also into music, the musical family performed many times. At the age of 15 Jim auditioned for Idols, and finished second. The boy got thousands of fans, and wasn't able to walk on the streets any more. His first CD came out; impressed with several hits, and a duet with Idols winner Jamai. Jim won several awards, and in 2003 his second CD Ready came out. This one had two hits, and Jim also started to act. He made his debut with Baantjer, where he played Rick, and later he played in Snowfever, where he sang on the soundtrack. Jim also did Dancing with the Stars, which he won. And in 2005 he made a CD called 'Dance with me' inspired by Dancing with the stars.

Position Actor