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Alabama-based filmmaker Adam Wingard got an early start in his field, as he shot and directed his first feature film at the age of nineteen while still enrolled in film school. That film, the horror-comedy Home Sick, starring Bill Moseley, Tiffany Shepis, Tom Towles and Brandon Carroll, premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival in 2007 and was released by Synapse Films in August 2008. Upon its release, The Onion A.V. Club wrote, "Equal parts Rob Zombie, Takashi Miike and John Waters, Home Sick is easily one of the boldest gorefests to show up in video stores this decade."

Prior to the release of Home Sick, Wingard had already commenced work on his second feature, the indie thriller Pop Skull, which he shot in high definition video for a total budget of $2,000. The film had its international premiere at the Rome Film Festival and its domestic premiere at the AFI Film Festival in 2007. Reviewing the AFI screening of Pop Skull, both Variety and L.A. Weekly singled the film out as one of their top picks of the fest. In additional to Home Sick and Pop Skull, Wingard has written, shot, produced, directed and edited several short films, including "Cerebella," "Laura Panic," and "Paradox Mary," which have screened at festivals such as Fantasia and the Leeds International Film Festival. He has completed production of the feature film What Fun We Were Having, starring Joe Swanberg, in January 2010; that film is currently in post-production. He continues to reside and work from Alabama and is represented in Los Angeles by William Morris Endeavor Entertainment and Spectacle Entertainment.

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