Daniel Franzese


9 may, 1978



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Born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL, actor Daniel Franzese is best known for his interesting and daring choices in breakthrough films: from his debut role in Larry Clark's Bully, to Tina Fey's hit comedy Mean Girls, to 2010's update of the highly controversial I Spit on Your Grave. His prescient choices carry into his television work, which include guest roles on Party Down, The Comeback, and Burn Notice. In addition to acting, Franzese has become a fixture in the Los Angeles art scene over the last five years, having curated several art exhibitions revolving around unique and dynamic themes. His 2009 show Crusaders & Haters: Superheroes and Villains in American Pop Culture exhibited at Royal/T with over 1,000 people in attendance outfitted in full superhero garb. Franzese regularly appears in comedy and improv venues around Los Angeles. In 2011 he co-wrote, -directed, and starred in The Jersey Shoresical: A Frickin' Rock Opera, which will release more dates, to be announced.

Position Actor