Tommy Refenes


14 june, 1981



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Tommy Refenes is an American video game designer and programmer, best known for his work on the game Super Meat Boy, a platformer he co-created with developer Edmund McMillen.

Refenes began programming at the age of eleven, and has been doing so professionally since the age of 18. He dropped out of North Carolina State University, and has gone so far as to state in a recent interview with Brutal Gamer, "If you want to be a programmer, do not go to college."

Refenes started at Seventy - Two DPI in August 2001 where he managed their website and servers. In August 2003 he was hired by Learning Station, where he developed server software and applications in Flash, C++, PHP, and ASP. In July 2005 he decided to shift to the computer game field and went to work for the now defunct Streamline Studios, where he assisted in optimizing and porting the Unreal 2.x engine from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360, as well as assisting on the WiiWare title HoopWorld. In May 2006, Refenes and Aubrey Hesselgren, a game designer, founded the company Pillowfort. Their first effort was a game they dubbed Goo!. In 2008 Goo! won the grand prize for Best Threaded Game in the 2008 Intel Game Demo Contest, and took third place for Best Game on Intel Graphics. The game was canceled and Refenes left the studio in January 2009. In 2008 he co-founded the company Team Meat with game and graphics designer Edmund McMillen, with Refenes acting as programmer and Co-CEO. As of November 2010 Super Meat Boy is the only game they have published together.

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