Alicia Sanz


10 april, 1988



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Alicia Sanz born in Ceuta on April 10, 1988. At age of 8 she began her dance and theatre studies at different schools in Ceuta. When she was 18 she moved to Madrid to study at Juan Carlos Corazza's school and carry on with her dancing studies in Carmen Roche's academy. She combined her acting studies with courses in the Central Cinema and workshops with Claudio Tolcachir, Vicente Fuentes, Manuel Morón and Antonio O'Campo among others. She also went to LA to study at Joanne Baron studio. At the age of 20 she made her first series called La Pecera de Eva, followed by Gavilanes with her first role as the main character. Then she made her first movie called After Party, directed by Miguel Larraya. Now, Alicia is shooting the series Bandolera as Maria, one of the main characters.

Position Actor