Rick Genest


7 august, 1985



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Rick Genest (born August 7, 1985) is a Canadian artist and fashion model born in Lasalle, Montreal. He is also known as Zombie Boy for the skeletal tattoos covering the majority of his body.

Before he had any tattoos, Genest was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and told his chances of surviving surgery were slim. The invasive surgery was laser surgery through the palate of the mouth. Genest was on the waiting list for 6 months, where he contemplated his own life and possible death. He chose to embrace life and live day to day. He survived the surgery with minimal complications.
Leaving his house one day, Genest went for a walk and decided to live downtown, on rooftops or under bridges. Hitchhiking became his main method of transportation. According to his video, he started living "an anarchistic lifestyle". He claims to have already been introduced to punk rock, the punk scene and freak shows before his decision to tattoo himself.

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