James Cosmo


24 may, 1948



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Often plays tough characters due to his imposing stature.

Resides in London, England but hopes to buy a house in Perthshire, Scotland at some point.

Although audiences are used to seeing him as a tough, imposing character actor, he is renowned for 'getting the giggles' on set after muddling dialogue. He has featured on several outtakes & bloopers shows in the UK, where he is seen blowing take after take, giggling uncontrollably - and infecting others on set - bringing the shoot to a laughter-filled halt.

Also worked with Heath Ledger in The Four Feathers (2002). Ledger playing Harry Faversham, Cosmo playing Colonel Sutch. Ledger in turn worked with Mel Gibson in The Patriot (2000). Ledger playing Gabriel, son to Mel's Benjamin. Mel in turn worked with Cosmo in Braveheart (1995). Cosmo playing Scottish warrior Campbell, to Mel's hero William Wallace.

Starred with Robert Carlyle in two movies. First was Trainspotting (1996) as Mr Renton, Carlyle's character was Begbie. Second was To End All Wars (2001) as McLean, Carlyle's character was named Campbell. Campbell was the name given to Cosmo's character in Braveheart(1995)

Worked with both Brendan Gleeson and Brian Cox in Braveheart (1995). Gleeson played Hamish,son to Cosmo's character Campbell, while Cox played Argyle, uncle to Mel Gibson's Character William Wallace. In Troy (2004), Gleeson plays Menelaus, brother to Cox's character Agamemnon. Cosmo plays Glaucus, head soldier of Troy.

Attended the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Also studied at the Bristol Old Vic drama school.

Son of James Copeland.

Has played Santa three times.

Position Actor