Chris Tucker


31 august, 1972



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At one point in time, was the highest paid actor in Hollywood. Christopher Tucker was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Mary Louise Tucker (Bryant) and Norris Tucker.

After graduating from high school, Tucker made the change to move to Hollywood from Georgia to pursue a career in show business.

Chris Tucker found himself being a frequent guest on the Def Comedy Jam. Tucker was noted for doing exceptionally "clean", non-vulgar stand-up comedy routines. Tucker states his inspirations for comedy are, Eddie Murphy and Richard Pryor.

Chris Tucker made his film debut in 1994 on House Party Three, along side stars such as Bernie Mac,Marques Houston, and Khandi Alexander. In 1995, Chris Tucker then appeared in one of his most notable and hilarious films, Friday. Chris Tucker starred in Friday along side Ice Cube. Tucker's character, Smokey was a drug addict, who was an energetic and outlandish person. Films such as Friday showed Tucker's television-comedy styling very different from his stand-up. In 1995, Tucker also managed to appear in another film, Dead Presidents. Chris Tucker a young-comedian, recently graduated high school, and to already have worked along side Hollywood's biggest,showed Tucker had a colossal amount of talent!

In 1997 was the busiest year of Tucker's career, he starred in three hit-movies all in the same year: The Fifth Element, Money Talks, and Jackie Brown.

In 1998, Tucker got a role to star along-side action actor, Jackie Chan. The movie was called Rush Hour and it grossed more than 200 million dollars worldwide. This resulted in two additional sequels, Rush Hour Two, and Rush Hour Three. In 2006, Tucker got a deal on his Rush Hour Three contract that he would be paid 25 million dollars, making him the highest paid actor in Hollywood at that time.

In 2001, Chris Tucker also was in a music-video with friend,pop-legend, Michael Jackson. Chris Tucker was in the music video,"You Rock My World".

Chris Tucker will be known world-wide as an actor,comedian, and a person who brought joy to audiences world-wide.

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