Atiye Deniz


22 november, 1988



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Atiye, who’s mother was born in Holland, and father in Antakya/Turkey, was born in Bremen, Germany in 22 November 1988. She spent most of her childhood in countries Germany, Turkey and America. She studied arts in CKE whilst she was living in Holland, and took singing lessons in Bremen. The artist completed her high school education in Germany, moved to Turkey permanently in 2008, and still continuing her vocal training with Askin Metiner, İzmir State Opera and Ballet Singing Pedagogue Baritone.

Her first album “Gözyaşlarım” was featured in 2007, when Atiye was only 17. The album included both Turkish and English lyrics, and she reached a very high viewing rate on YouTube with her first video “Don’t Think” in a very short time. She won “The Best Booming Female Artist” award at 2007 Kral TV Video and Music Awards with this video.

Atiye’s second album named “Atiye” was produced by Iskender Paydas and published in January 2009. The album’s first video clip was shot to the song “Muamma” and the second video clip to “Salla” which reached #1 in music television and radio lists very quickly. The forth video clip of the album was shot to the song “Kal” where she performs a duet with Teoman. “Kal” arose to top spots in the lists of legal music platforms via internet and became the generic music of a very popular TV series of the period.

Atiye featured her third studio album “Budur” after a year of preparation under the label Pasaj Müzik. In the album where her lyricist and songwriter qualifications were prioritized, Atiye worked with three very important producers of Turkey, İskender Paydaş, Ozan Çolakoğlu and Volga Tamöz. The hit single “Budur”, carrying the same name with the album and its video clip, reached #1 very shortly after being broadcasted in music televisions and radios. The second video clip of the album, which succeeded in digital music platforms, “Güzelim” was shot in June 2011.

Whilst working on her solo albums, Atiye also took place in Turkey’s two very important producers; Ozan Doğulu and İskender Paydaş’s albums. She sang “Nasıl Yani” with Mirkelam in İskender Paydaş’s album “Zamansız Şarkılar”, as she also performed “Aşkistan” in Ozan Doğulu’s album “130 BPM Allegro”.

Atiye, who was awarded “Best Turkish Act” in 18th MTV EMA Music Awards in October 2011, featured a single named “Bring Me Back” in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on 27 July 2012. The video clip was shot by one of the most important directors of Germany, Sören Schaller. 2 years after her album “Budur”, Atiye featured her forth studio album “Soygun Var” produced by Iskender Paydas in 2013 under the label Pasaj Müzik. The first single of the album “Soygun Var” was broadcasted on radio and music televisions shortly before the album was out on the market. The album contains 10 songs, the song “Sor” is a duet performance with Emre Aydin, one of the most successful male vocals of rock music in Turkey.

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