Dieter Hallervorden


5 september, 1935



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Dieter "Didi" Hallervorden (born 5 September 1935, Dessau, Anhalt) is a German comedian, comic actor, singer and cabaret artist.

Dieter Hallervorden's mother was a physician's assistant and his father a graduate engineer employed by German aircraft maker Junkers. His siblings are called Renate and Margot. Dieter Hallervorden has two children (Dieter Hallervorden Jr. and Nathalie Hallervorden) from the marriage to Rotraud Schindler and one child (Johannes) from his current wife Elena Blume.
Dieter Hallervorden Jr. appeared in the movies Darf ich Sie zur Mutter machen (1968) and Die Hochzeitsreise (1969) and had some scenes in Nonstop Nonsens (1974–1980). Nathalie Hallervorden co-starred in the TV series Die Nervensäge (1985–1986) and had a brief appearance together with her parents in Nonstop Nonsens. Hallervorden's first wife, Rotraud Schindler, co-starred in several TV shows and some movies.
Hallervorden starred as a bumbling, Clouseau-like detective in the German television show Die Didi-Show. The show was dubbed into English, retitled Didi's Comedy Show, and shown in various countries.
An Afrikaans-subtitled version of the comedy sketch-show, Nonstop Nonsens (1975), starring Hallervorden, was broadcast in South Africa in the early 1980s under the title Grapjas Didi (tr. Didi the Joker or alternately Didi the Prankster). Also a Spanish-dubbed version was also distributed for Latin America under the name Las Locuras de Didí (The Madnesses of Didi).
Since 1988 Dieter Hallervorden lives in Trégastel (France) in the castle (French) Château de Costaérès.

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