Nasiba Zeynalova


20 april, 1916



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Nasiba Jahangir qizi Zeynalova (Azerbaijani: Nəsibə Zeynalova) (20 April 1916, Baku – 10 March 2004, Baku) was an Azerbaijani actress and People's Artist of Azerbaijan. She was famous mostly for her comedy roles.

Nasiba Zeynalova was born in Baku (then part of the Russian Empire, now the capital of Azerbaijan) into the family of a merchant and stage actor Jahangir Zeynalov. The family fled to Iran just before the Azeri massacre of March 1918 committed by Bolshevik military units in Baku. Zeynalova's father died during their trip back home in September 1918, via the Caspian Sea.
While in secondary school she attended dance courses. In 1932 she joined Rza Tahmasib's drama club. In 1937 she joined a vagrant theatre troupe and toured several Azerbaijani towns. In 1938 she started working at the Azerbaijan State Theatre of Musical Comedy. Alongside, she was earning a degree at the Baku School of Theatre. 
In the following years Nasiba Zeynalova acted in 22 films and around 70 plays, as well as in numerous television sketches. She is most remembered for the roles of Fatmanisa in Ogey ana ("Stepmother", 1958), Sughra in Bizim Jabish muallim ("Our Teacher Jabish", 1969), Jannat in Gayinana ("Mother-in-law", 1978) and Auntie Asli in Beyin ogurlanmasi ("The Kidnapping of the Groom", 1985). In 1967 Nasiba Zeynalova became People's Artist of Azerbaijan.


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