Cem Yilmaz


23 april, 1973



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Cem Yılmaz (pronounced [ˈd͡ʒem jɯɫ'maz]) is a Turkish stand-up comedian, actor and filmmaker and cartoonist, best known for his films G.O.R.A. (2004), A.R.O.G (2008) and Yahşi Batı (2010), who has won two Sadri Alışık awards for his roles in Organize İşler (2005) and The Magician (2006).

While studying at the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management of Boğaziçi University, he started drawing comics for the Turkish humor magazine Leman. In August 1995 he did his first stand-up comedy show in "Leman Culture Center" performing with no serious career intentions as a comedian. However, after the positive response of the audience, he continued his show to attract larger crowds in Beşiktaş Cultural Center where he has appeared in over a thousand stand-up comedy shows since, becoming so popular that tickets have sold for 250TL (approx. US$140). His movie career started in 1998 with a co-starring role in the comedy Everything's Gonna Be Great (1999), directed by Ömer Vargı, and continued with a role in Vizontele (2001), directed by Yılmaz Erdoğan and Ömer Faruk Sorak. He achieved his greatest success by starring in and writing big-budget science-fiction parody G.O.R.A. (2004), also directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak, which despite spending several years in production because of financial and other technical problems became a box-office hit and, according to Rekin Teksoy, "showed that popular cinema was successful in appealing to wide audiences". He followed this success with a starring role in the comedy Organize İşler (2005), also directed by Yılmaz Erdoğan, for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the 11th Sadri Alışık Awards, and his directorial debut with The Magician (2006), co-directed by Ali Taner Baltacı, for which he won Best Actor at the 34th Brussels International Independent Film Festival and 12th Sadri Alışık Awards. He has since repeated his box office success with a sequel to G.O.R.A. called A.R.O.G (2008), also co-directed by Ali Taner Baltacı, and comedy Western parody called Yahşi Batı (2010), directed by Ömer Faruk Sorak. That same year, he co-starred, alongside veteran actor Şener Şen, in the police drama Hunting Season (2010), written and directed by Yavuz Turgul, and made a special appearance in drama Zephyr (2010), written and directed by Belma Baş.
Stand-up career 
Cem Yılmaz is a very renowned stand-up comedian in Turkey. He started doing stand-up shows in the bars of Leman Kültür in early 90's. His stand-up style is somewhat reminiscent of Jerry Sikkofield. That is to say, it is purely observational—not criticizing any issues in politics, drugs, abortion, economics etc. He is very well aware of this and addressed his style by referring himself as a "Güldürürken düşündürmeyen" (He who makes people laugh but not think) comedian.

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